What We Do

The Texas Water Mission provides oversight, financial support and strategic planning for the water ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

The work of our Honduras Water Ministry in the field includes the following:

• drilling water wells 

• testing and monitoring water quality

• teaching sustainable health and hygiene programs

• ministering to children and adults in the communities we serve 
Achieving sustainability of complete water systems after Water Ministry work is complete has become a driving force behind our mission. We maximize our impact by teaming with numerous partners such as Rotary International (www.rotary.org), who share our commitment to sustainable water resources.  The Texas Water Mission and Rotary Clubs from San Antonio, Texas, and Danli, Honduras, partnered to build eight water wells in the El Paraiso district of Honduras.  In the Honduran village of Guyacan, the TWM/Rotary well transformed a village when a water distribution system built from the well replaced the many hours a day village women spent hauling water everyday.  As a result, the women were free to begin a micro-enterprise business that has allowed them to contribute to their family income and raise their family's standard of living.  This, in turn, has also raised the self-esteem of these women.  All these positive changes started from drilling a water well. 



The Texas Water Mission model for most volunteer mission trips includes: