The Texas Water Mission provides oversight, financial support and strategic planning for the water ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

The work of our Honduras Water Ministry in the field includes the following:

  • • drilling water wells
  • • testing and monitoring water quality
  • • teaching sustainable health and hygiene programs
  • • ministering to children and adults in the communities we serve



Have you ever felt apprehensive or uncomfortable about moving? 

 On October 19th I felt like that as I joined our Hydrologist, Jack Robertson, and our Operations Chairman, Doug Holmes, for an exploratory trip to a new region for our work in Honduras called Intibucá. Maybe getting up at 3am in order to catch the 5:30am flight didn’t help but having done that numerous times in my 9 years with our ministry, I knew there was something else about this trip.  I was flooded with feelings of gratitude and joy as I thought back on the 90 water well projects done by our ministry in the area around El Paraiso, Honduras since 2003. Couldn’t we just keep working with those same wonderful people and communities forever?  The answer was no, of course. We had known for several years that the Episcopal Bishop of Honduras, Lloyd Allen, wanted us to address other areas in Honduras that were in great need of our water ministry. It was time to move on!

We headed for the halfway point to Intibucá, the town of Siguatepeque. We have a ministry friend there and have received lots of good advice from other mission teams from our Diocese of West Texas who have been working in that area for more than 20 years, so the stop in Siguatepeque was pleasant and easy. Early the next morning we headed out for the 3 hour trip to Intibucá and found the biggest surprise of our trip, beautiful paved roads! Seriously, as breath-taking as the vistas were, we were more impressed with the new roads and the exceptional engineering of the drainage trenches, etc. We found our way to the team that was patiently waiting for us to inspect the proposed new well sites. The area was lush with the largest coffee plants we’ve seen in Honduras and the people were humble and gracious, like those we have worked with for so long in the El Paraiso area. Our Hydrologist and the owner of the Honduran drilling company we hired to drill the well were both in agreement that the sites had very good potential for successful water  wells. Hallelujah! Roads: check, people: check, site selection: check; this was going to be a great place to work.  After inspecting the sites we headed out to the beautiful Spanish colonial town of Gracias, where we would stay for 2 nights and vet the safety and quality of the hotels and restaurants for our mission trips. We loved the cobblestone streets and vibrant mix of indigenous and Spanish colonial cultures. Evidence of the Lenca tribe’s history and culture coexisted beautifully with the Spanish influence.  We shared a delicious meal with the team from the Episcopal church where we will drill our first well in Intibucá and found the prices, quality of the food and accommodations to be excellent.  

We left Honduras with great hope for good work in the region of Intibucá. We look forward to our first water well project there in late January or early February. We ask for your financial and prayer support as we embark on our New Beginning!